About Nebraska Transportation Center

For every hour we spend on the road driving to work or school, faculty and students at the Nebraska Transportation Center devote countless hours to research that makes those roads safer and more effective. Nebraska has been a vital link in the nation's transportation system since the time when prairie schooners and the Transcontinental Railroad first crossed the Great Plains.

Today, Nebraska's location at the crossroads of the nation's transportation system and the industry's strong role in the state's economy make the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ideal for a university transportation center. The nation's two largest railroads, Burlington Northern and Union Pacific, headquartered in Omaha, provide numerous jobs locally and nationally. Werner Enterprises and Crete Carriers, two of the nation's top 10 trucking firms, are major employers based in Nebraska and also two of NTC's industry partners.

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The Nebraska Transportation Center facilitates collaboration between university researchers, industry leaders, and government entities. NTC integrates transportation research, education and technology transfer programs across the four NU campuses, making it one of the largest university transportation centers in the region. This unique arrangement fosters interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing together top faculty with different areas of expertise to solve larger transportation issues.