State Engineer Monty Fredrickson Discusses State's Current Transportation Issues

November 23, 2010

MATC hosted the Director of the Nebraska Department of Roads, Monty Fredrickson, for a special edition of the Seminar Series on October 29th. Mr. Fredrickson began his presentation with a video that introduced the NDOR organization. The video examined the four key components of the organization's goals: Planning, Design, Construction, and Maintenance. The video explained how each of these four components is processed through NDOR. The presentation also described NDOR's responsibilities to the public: managing upwards of 2,100 employees, handling more than 10,000 miles of Nebraska roads, and how they and the Nebraska State Highway Commission work as public liaisons.

Mr. Fredrickson then offered a look at NDOR's recent projects across the state. This portion of the presentation was one of the most exciting for the audience. Getting to see exactly what NDOR does got the students excited about the kinds of projects they could potentially be involved in as future traffic professionals. Eleven projects were examined from the westernmost part of the state, to the bridge entrance into Omaha on the eastern edge of Nebraska.

In one aspect of the presentation that was of interest to the many students in the audience who plan to graduate soon, Mr. Frederickson described the many aspects of working for NDOR as an engineer. He explained how engineers employ different skills in design and field work. Mr. Fredrickson urged the students in attendance to take advantage of both work study and internship programs with the organization. One of the most important aspects of having a successful career at NDOR, Mr. Frederickson stressed, is having excellent people skills. Particularly the abilities to persuade, negotiate, and show confidence while remaining humble were some of the most important skills in the career field.

Mr. Frederickson was proud of NDOR's achievements related to preserving the environment and minimizing disruptions to the natural environment. While it requires large amounts of coordination to handle this aspect of building and maintain state roads, NDOR proficiently incorporates environmental regulations and policies into construction.

Mr. Fredrickson's presentation provided both an enlightening overview of NDOR from within and an in-depth look at some of the most important issues currently facing the organization, while also giving students an essential perspective on career opportunities at the organization.