Dr. Cho Receives NSF CAREER Award

May 03, 2011

Dr. Yong K. Cho has received the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his work developing an innovative method to build real-time virtual 3-D models of construction work sites. Dr. Cho, an assistant professor in UNL’s Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, received the 5-year award in the amount of $400,000 as part of the NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program.
The goal of his work is to create models that enable automatic construction equipment to safely and effectively perform work zone tasks. As the construction industry deals with a shortage of skilled workers, automatic equipment is increasingly important for supplementing this lack. Still, Cho says, “the goal is not to replace people with construction robots. We want to provide precise, effective, and safe ways to help humans perform jobs that can often be very dangerous.” NTC extends enthusiastic congratulations to Dr. Cho for his well-deserved recognition.
To read the full announcement from the UNL Newsroom, please visit:$400,000+award+to+build+safer+job+sites+using+3D+technology