Dr. Green Visits NTC During UNL's Research Fair

November 28, 2011

Dr. Johney Green visited the Nebraska Transportation Center (NTC) this past month. Green is the director of transportation science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Green and other research dignitaries were at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a part of the annual Research Fair. UNL highlights various research activities across multiple disciplines at the university each year during the fair.

After Green gave his company presentation, he and four other research professionals toured NTC. Those professionals were Dr. George Fenske (Argonne National Laboratory), Dr. John Hryn (Argonne National Laboratory), Dr. Kristin Bennett (KB Science) and Louis Infante (Ricardo, Inc.). Before the tour, they learned more about the center and the Mid-America Transportation Center's research projects from Director Dr. Laurence Rilett. During the overview of NTC and MATC projects, Green and Rilett discussed common research interests especially in terms of energy. Some of the other interests included intelligent transportation systems, crash tests and commercial vehicles and emissions.

Rilett said NTC will be following up with Dr. Green and Oak Ridge Laboratory about future collaborative research opportunities. The laboratory currently has ongoing projects at UNL.

Rilett also mentioned that the potential collaboration will fit in with NTC's initiatives of getting more involved in energy research.

"We have an energy center at Nebraska (UNL), so our goal is not to replace what they do," Rilett said. "There are things that we do that complement what the energy center does and we'll be looking for more of those cooperative interests in the future."