Dr. Michael Hempel

Research Assistant Professor
PKI 200C, Peter Kiewit Institute, 1110 South 67th Street
Omaha, NE 68182
Phone: 402-554-3521
fax: 402-554-2289



2010 Multi-Tier Multi-Hop Routing in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks for Freight-Train Monitoring
published in Proceedings of ITS America 20th Annual Meeting and Exposition
2010 Multi-Tier Multi-Hop Routing in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks for Real-Time Monitoring
published in Proceedings of IEEE SENSORS
2010 A Novel Distributed Adaptive Cooperative Relaying MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks
published in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
2010 On Unified Intra/Inter Coding and Signature/Hash Authentication Diversity for Efficient and Secure Wireless Video Transmission
published in IEEE Global Communications Conference
2009 IEEE 802.11b based ad hoc networking and its performance in mobile channels
published in Communications, IET
2009 Type I HARQ Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Mobile WiMAX for Network Simulators
published in
2009 Quantitative Study of an Outdoor Multi-hop 802.11 Network Performance using a Novel Passive Measurement Approach
published in
2009 A Novel Ray Tracing Based Multipath Modeling Approach for Site-Specific WLAN Simulations
published in
2008 A Study of Critical Baseline Performance Characteristics for IEEE 802.16e-2005
published in
2008 Implementation and performance evaluation of selective repeat ARQ for WiMAX ns-2 model
published in

Study of RF Propagation Characteristics for Wireless Sensor Networks in Railroad Environments