Daniel Piatkowski

Assistant Professor
ARCH 241
Lincoln, NE 68588-0106
Phone: 402-472-9212


  • Dan Piatkowski is an Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Planning at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Dan received his PhD in Design and Planning from the University of Colorado Denver, where he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (NSF-IGERT) in Sustainable Urban Infrastructure and a member of the Active Communities Transportation Research Group. He also holds a Master's of Urban and Environmental Planning and a Bachelor's in English (both from Arizona State University).

2013 Ph.D. in Design and Planning from University of Colorado Denver
2006 MUEP in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University
2001 B.A. in English from Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College


  • Assistant Professor, Community and Regional Planning, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Planning, Savannah State University
  • Adjunct Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Denver

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