Research Topic

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing areas of transportation research and development. The goal of ITS is to create intelligent transportation systems through integration of intelligent infrastructure and intelligent vehicles. NTC researchers work to develop information and communications technology that helps create intelligent systems that improve safety, reduce congestion for all road users, and are sustainable and environmentally sound. Advanced simulation software, sensor equipment, wireless communications and real-time data collection methods are some of the tools that researchers use to find ways to improve the flow of traffic.

ITS research is an area of particular strength and focus among NTC researchers. NTC's state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory is a multi-modal research facility that uses non-intrusive detection devices to monitor several permanent test beds in the state of Nebraska. The lab features an advanced video detection system with traffic management and visualization software.

Operations and traffic management

NTC researchers use a number of local test beds to gather real-time traffic data at signalized intersections throughout the state. Using Wavetronix Smart Sensor Advance, Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System, advanced software and video camera technology, these instrumented intersections possess the ability to collect data on detector actuations, signal states, wide area vehicle tracking and simultaneous video recording of the existing traffic conditions. The devices also communicate with a central server hosted in the Public Works Department of the City of Lincoln.

Researchers Email Phone
Jones, Elizabeth 402-554-3869
Khattak, Aemal 402-472-8126
Moussavi, Massoum 402-554-3414
Rilett, Laurence 402-472-1992
Schurr, Karen 402-472-2233
Sharma, Anuj 402-472-6391

Project Principal Investigator Sponsor
Impact of Trucks on Signalized Intersections Jones, Elizabeth Mid-America Transportation Center
Investigating RFID for Roadside Identification Involving Freight Commercial Vehicle Operators Jones, Erick Mid-America Transportation Center
Assessing the Risk of Crash for Trucks on Onset Yellow Sharma, Anuj Mid-America Transportation Center
NDOR Development of a State of the Art Traffic Micro-Simulation Model for Nebraska Rilett, Laurence Nebraska Department of Roads
Acquisition of Basic Instrumentation for a Prototype Intelligent Transportation Systems Information and Infrastructure Laboratory Jones, Elizabeth Nebraska Research Initiative
Acquisition of Basic Instrumentation for a Prototype Intelligent Transportation Systems Information and Infrastructure Laboratory Jones, Elizabeth Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation
NDOR Effect of Phase Countdown Timers on Safety and Efficiency of Operations at Signalized Intersections Sharma, Anuj Nebraska Department of Roads
NDOR Evaluation of the Potential for Using Video from Roadway Monitoring Cameras to Supplement Traffic Data Collection Jones, Elizabeth Nebraska Department of Roads