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Reliable, efficient transportation helps to ensure the vitality of the state, regional and national economy. Nebraska, at the crossroads of America's transportation systems, relies on transportation, distribution, and logistics to supply local jobs and support the economic infrastructure of the state and nation. Furthermore, maintenance and construction of transportation systems cost states millions of dollars annually and, particularly as many states tighten their budgets, evaluating and maximizing the cost-effectiveness of transportation projects is essential. NTC researchers know that transportation expenditures must be viewed as investments and the economic benefits versus the financial costs must be measured and weighed carefully.

NTC works closely with local industry partners and the Nebraska Department of Roads to stay informed on the economic pressures facing the public and private transportation sectors. Researchers use cost-benefit and economic-impact analysis to evaluate the return on investment for road projects, and also have conducted research to evaluate the connections between state economic growth and transportation investments.

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Anderson, John 402-472-1190
Bartle, John 402-554-3989
Khattak, Aemal 402-472-8126
Moussavi, Massoum 402-554-3414
Rilett, Laurence 402-472-1992
Thompson, Eric 402-472-3318

Project Principal Investigator Sponsor
Development of Advanced Finite Element Material Models for Cable Barrier Wire Rope Reid, John Mid-America Transportation Center