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The Nebraska Transportation Center (NTC) integrates transportation research, education, and technology transfer programs across the four NU campuses, making it one of the largest university transportation centers in the region. The Mid-America Transportation Center and Midwest Roadside Safety Facility operate under NTC.

5th Bridging Transportation Researchers Online Conference

August 9th & 10th, 2023

BTR brings transportation engineers, planners, & policymakers together in an entirely online transportation conference, open to anyone internationally. Please join us online August 9 & 10 2023, for two days of multi-track Zoom-based meetings. Zoom links and session details (with 20 to 30-minute presentation slots) will be sent to all registrants, after papers are submitted & reviewed and final topics are scheduled.


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Job Opportunities


Midwest Roadside Safety Facility

Research Assistant or Associate Professor (2 Positions)

These research faculty positions will:

  1. Manage, conduct, and participate in various research studies within fields of roadside safety, motorsports safety, force protection, physical security, threat mitigation, crash analysis, and other areas to be determined.
  2. Serve as Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) on research studies.
  3. Perform non-linear, dynamic, finite element analysis (FEA) and design for various research studies involving low- to high-energy impact events using LS-DYNA and other applicable numerical analysis methods/computer simulation codes.
  4. Prepare and submit proposals/budgets to acquire new funding.
  5. Meet with prospective clients to develop research partnerships and funded projects.
  6. Prepare, write, review, and edit research reports, refereed journal articles, conference papers, research summaries, and status/progress reports.
  7. Prepare and provide technical presentations for research sponsors.
  8. Prepare, conduct, and manage structural analysis and material characterization studies.


Civil Designer - Omaha, NE

Primary work assignments will consist of design and construction engineering of roadways (urban, rural, and expressway) and related public infrastructure improvements with potential secondary assignments including other engineering services related to design and delivery of roadway, railroad, aviation, bridge, and/or other public infrastructure projects.


Explore Our Research Areas

Bicycles & Pedestrians

Safely and comfortably integrating pedestrians and cyclists.


Reliable, efficient transportation ensures the vitality of the economy.


Sustainability and environmental consciousness are overarching concerns.


Safe and efficient movement of freight across the nation.


Addressing modern challenges of today's highways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

One of the most dynamic and fast-growing areas of research.


Optimizing the flow of goods across the nation.

Multimodal Transportation

Transportation utilizing multiple different modes of transportation.


Best ways to extend the life of existing pavements and optimize the surface.


A key mover of freight across Nebraska, the Midwest, and North America.


Safer for both drivers and pedestrians.


Exploring how to design, build, and maintain integral transportation structures.

Work Zones

Construction and maintenance sites is safer for workers and drivers.

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Elected Officials & Staff

NTC's expert faculty members conduct research in various areas of surface transportation. To locate an expert in a particular area, or to find information on a research project, please contact:

Janet Renoe

News Media

Media representatives are welcome to contact us with questions about current research projects or to request background information on one of our many research areas. For information, please contact:

Janet Renoe

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