Nebraska Transportation Center is one of the premier university transportation centers in the country because of the talented faculty, students and staff who call the research center home. NTC’s highly accomplished faculty researchers are regional, national, and international leaders in their fields. Research affiliates have pioneered interdisciplinary transportation research and established unique relationships with regional and national industry leaders.

Alexander, Dennis 402-472-3091 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anderson, John 402-472-1190 Economics
Bartelt-Hunt, Shannon 402-554-3868 Environmental Engineering
Faller, Ronald 402-472-6864 Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
Hempel, Michael 402-554-3521 Computer and Electronics Engineering
Jones, Elizabeth 402-554-3869 Transportation Systems Engineering
Khattak, Aemal 402-472-8126 Transportation Systems Engineering
Kim, Yong Rak 402-472-1727 Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Linzell, Daniel 402-472-8036 Civil Engineering
Morcous, George 402-554-0571 Construction Engineering
Moussavi, Massoum 402-554-3414 Transportation Systems Engineering
Piatkowski, Daniel 402-472-9212 Community and Regional Planning
Reid, John 402-472-3084 Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
Rilett, Laurence 402-472-1992 Transportation Systems Engineering
Sangster, John 402-472-0314 Transportation Systems Engineering
Schmidt, Jennifer 402-472-0870 Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
Sharif, Hamid 402-554-3628 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Song, Chung 402-472-1914 Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Stansbury, John 402-554-3896 Water Resources Engineering
Steelman, Joshua 402-472-1972 Civil Engineering
Stentz, Terry 402-472-5078 Human Factors and Safety
Stolle, Cody 402-472-4233 Midwest Roadside Safety Facility
Thompson, Eric 402-472-3318 Bureau of Business Research
Tuan, Chris 402-554-3867 Structural Engineering
Turner, Joseph 402-472-8856 Engineering Mechanics
Wittich, Christine 402-472-2371 Civil Engineering
Wood, Richard 402-472-1916 Civil Engineering
Zhang, Tian 402-554-3784 Environmental Engineering

Abdulrahman, Linh Structural Engineering
Adams, Timothy Transportation Systems Engineering
Ahmed, Ananna Transportation Systems Engineering
Alanazi, Hani Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Al-Hajami, Ali Structural Engineering
Amelian, Soroosh Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Bahmyari, Hossein Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Bekele, Binyam Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Beltran, Antonio Hurtado Transportation Systems Engineering
Devkota, Kanchan Structural Engineering
Do, Hai Structural Engineering
Fang, Chen Structural Engineering
Gholami, Shayan Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Haghshenas, Hamzeh Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Haque, MM Shakiul Transportation Systems Engineering
Iranitalab, Amirfarrokh Transportation Systems Engineering
Kang, Yashu Transportation Systems Engineering
Keeler, Caprianna Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Khedmati, Mahdieh Structural Engineering
Knickerbocker, Taylor Structural Engineering
Kommidi, Santosh Reddy Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Koocheki, Kianoosh Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Lechtenberer, Aaron Transportation Systems Engineering
Lee, Myungwoo Transportation Systems Engineering
Liao, Yijun Structural Engineering
Liu, Huiyuan Transportation Systems Engineering
Martindale, Garrett Structural Infrastructure
Mohammadi, Mohammed Ebrahim Structural Engineering
Moussavi, Sussan Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Nsengiyumva, Gabriel Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Pham, Huong Transportation Systems Engineering
Rageh, Ahmed Structural Engineering
Rami, Keyvan Zare Structural Engineering
Ramos, Santos Transportation Systems Engineering
Saifullah, Khalid Structural Engineering
Sawyer, Brian Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Silvey, Alex Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Tufuor, Ernest Transportation Systems Engineering
Yosef, Tewodros Geotechnical and Materials Engineering
Zhao, Li Transportation Systems Engineering
Zhou, Jianan Transportation Systems Engineering

Business Center Staff
Rilett, Laurence 402-472-1992 Director
Renoe, Janet 402-472-1932 Financial Coordinator
Sazama, Larissa 402-472-1926 IT Research Support Associate
Bruguier, Gabriel 402-472-1927 Education and Outreach Coordinator
Hadenfeldt, Amber 402-472-1993 Research Coordinator
Patmanathan, Thushaar 402-472-1935 Business Associate
Gorla, Karthik Reddy 402-472-1975 Web Developer Associate
Tufuor, Ernest Tech Support Associate
Hardia, Utkarsh 402-472-1975 Web Developer Associate
Khatiwada, Aayush 402-472-1975 Web Developer Associate
Schmidt, Madison 402-472-1975 Editor
Crisler, Mari 402-472-1975 Editor