Research Areas

Transportation Areas
Bicycles and Pedestrians
Transportation research is concerned with much more than motor vehicles and vehicle operators.
Reliable, efficient transportation helps to ensure the vitality of the state, regional, and national economy.
Sustainability and environmental consciousness are overarching concerns with much of NTC's research.
The robustness of America's economy depends on the safe and efficient movement of freight across the nation.
Today's highways are the primary component of the surface transportation system, but modern challenges include heavier traffic volume, increasingly multi-modal traffic, and shrinking maintenance and construction budgets.
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing areas of transportation research and development.
Logistics and supply chain distribution projects at NTC aim to find ways to manage and optimize the flow of goods across the state and across North America.
Multimodal Transportation
Multimodal and intermodal transport is an increasingly prominent characteristic of today's surface transportation system.
Pavement research at NTC focuses on finding the best ways to extend the life of existing pavements and optimize performance of the roadway surface.
Railways are a key mover of freight across Nebraska, the Midwest, and North America.
Roundabouts are safer for both drivers and pedestrians than traffic circles and traditional intersections, leading to an overall reduction in crashes by forcing drivers to reduce their speed.
Structural research at NTC explores how to design, build, and maintain the supporting structures that are integral to transportation in a way that minimizes risk and costs.
Work Zones
Construction and maintenance sites heighten the safety risks for workers and drivers.